Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Cheers For Spring

What's a post on March 20th without mention of the Spring Equinox? I've got to admit that I'm glad California can finally have it's day - rather season - in the sun. All this waxing poetic about the 'cozy' feeling of being 'curled up' (no other verb is applicable) inside while it snows was starting to make me nauseous. You still like the snow now, huh, New York? Even in March?

No more shearling coats, no more boots and scarves or even gloves for us! (Not that that was ever really a common sight.) No, spring has veritably sprung here in the West and our season has arrived. In celebration of this annual event, I was finally able to don my share of the Prabal Gurung for Target collection. I really didn't feel it was right wearing lime sandals when it was still technically winter. 

To be fair, the whole winter season obsession really gets a Californian down. We all feel it here. We watch the news about mega-blizzards and snow-days, dropping temperatures and icicles. And what's worse, all those beautiful coats made of heavy suede or wool, the dense furs and innumerable hat options are useless! How am I supposed to look sane while wearing a 15 lb coat when it's 65 outside. 

Finally spring has arrived and, soon after, summer. And no one does spring or summer like California does. No sticky heat, bugs, or summer rainstorms spewing hot water all over. Just dry warmth, an ever-present sun, and too many reasons to skip work and head to the beach. 

But now, to the clothes! Summer is still far away, but donning a printed Diane von Furstenberg mini skirt felt so right. Paired with my favorite cream Karl Lagerfeld blouse, I'm still able to get away with showing so much skin so early in the season. A pair of Prada sunnies and of course the previously mentioned Prabal Gurung for Target shoes are really the only accessories I feel are needed. 

I'm sorry, but I don't mean to gloat. Really, I'm just celebrating the end of instagram pictures of mugs of tea, a snowy backdrop and an alight fireplace. Who else is with me?

Lizzie Furlong - West Coast

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