Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can I take a rain check?

Winters last efforts of shuddering this slice of the Pacific have finally materialized in the form of mild rain. Because of this little weather movement, I was forced to throw on a jacket and warm fabrics. I guess this could be winters last hoorah, and my last hoorah of winter dressing to match.

It is laughable (for those holed up under a heater blanket with drifts of white outside their front doors) to say that this post is about winter dressing. To be honest, I feel like a neophyte spouting the ABC's of cold-casual. I get chilly when it's below 68 in my own home. But winter here is much different and translates into a very unconventional wardrobe.

Out at the Malibu Country Mart today, the windows of Intermix and Lanvin already displayed the expected wardrobe of incoming spring. Why in such a rush to switch seasons, CA? Let's savor the last few rain clouds and go out with a bang wearing our most ambitious Moncler parkas (yes, that's an ironic reality) and all-weather boots. Why force jean shorts when there are still Starbucks seasonal drinks to be had? We have enough damn sunshine, let clouds and rain have their last stand.

All hyperboles aside, I do enjoy those days when winter-dressing actually feels credible. Today I was able to put on my knitted turban from Anthropology and adorn it with a beetle brooch. My sweater, a voluminous turtleneck knitted creation, is by Staring at Stars. Over top, to match the brooding sky above, is an moody-green Helmut Lang sport coat. Really in no mood to flatter any sort of figure, I pulled on a pair of silk Leifsdottir draw-string trousers that feel more like luxurious pajamas than pants. A pair of clunky Dolce Vita boots was the my only real preparation for temperamental weather patterns. The purse, by Marc by Marc Jacobs, held the gloves I so desperately wanted to wear but felt absurd donning. 

I'm very interested to know - how does everyone else prepare for the elements? 

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