Sunday, March 17, 2013

Death to the Platform

Like the rumors suggest, the platform has bid its adieu. Gone are the pseudo-stripper/Kim Kardashian foot profiles. We all have permission to roll our eyes at the newest Louboutin designs propped up in our local shoe salons. How passé!

But in all seriousness, let it be known, I never understood this sky-high trend. Sure, a little lift here and there is wholly acceptable (especially for those of us who don't have 5'11 frames and legs like reeds.) But when did the platforms start extending past three quarters of an inch? Does anyone else cringe in horror when they spot a shoe that looks less like footwear and more like the hoof of a pygmy goat? Even when I was brave enough to try them on for myself, I couldn't help feeling like a satyr.

Really, this profile made Christian Louboutin a household name. YSL's Tribtoo shoe, Charlotte Olympia's array of block pumps, even the horrific Jeffrey Campbell Lita bootie all owe their success on the absurdity of walking 4 inches taller than your natural height. I, for one, want to high five myself for resisting the urge to succumb to this concept.

Now, I'm not hopeful enough to believe that they'll be gone for good. But for now I'm celebrating the comeback of the flat sole. Say hello to the days of slim, feminine feet and more natural heights. Less sole means less weight, which amounts to less tripping over curbs (cats out of the bag - we can't all walk like supermodels.) Also, no more walking like an effing show pony. Wether its a rounded toe, pointed toe or even a square one, as long as they're less than an inch from the ground you can rest assured you won't look like a mutant.

¡Vive la flat sole!

Lizzie Furlong - West Coast

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