Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heat Wave

Battling this constant drought here in Southern California has been exhausting. With the Santa Anas sweeping through and record temperatures, all I really want to wear is a bathing suit. But since that is neither appropriate for school nor work, I'm forced to don more acceptable garments. 

My top, a comfortable number by All Saints has a sleek set of satin sleeves, paying homage to this years athletic trend with a play on the baseball tee. My burgundy leather skirt is a staple from A.L.C. Both afford the right amount of dark colors, my paying of respects to the Fall/Winter that never was. 

The shoes are also by All Saints, allowing me the essence of grunge without fully committing. They were also a lovely surprise from a certain someone who knows my taste exceedingly well. 

And finally, the bag, which really needs no introduction at all. The only thing I can say is that they will have to pry this box of lambskin from my dead fingers before I stop using it. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everything You Need for Spring: Los Angeles

The transition into spring, for many, means discarding any and all woolen apparel. However, for those of us lucky few that rarely even delve into our stock of cashmere sweaters and weather-proof hats, spring dressing is less seasonal and more perpetual. Here in Los Angeles we have been enjoying winter temperatures that rarely dip below 65 - which translates into a unfair amount of bare legs and distinct lack of winter coats. But for all this bounty of sunshine, spring is still an exciting time of eschewing old trends and embracing new (and sometimes questionable) ones. 

Cream Coverings: 
Now I've never been one to buy into the whole "Never wear white after Labor Day" mantra. Especially when white, specifically cream, has been such a force this year. Warmer weather calls for less material, and I'm favoring vests as of late. They're chic toppers to any occasion and add a dynamic layer to any look. Try the above pictured vest by Rochas, or IRO's selection of moto-style ivory leather looks. 

Minimal Adornment:
Typically the age-old adage of "Less is More" doesn't really agree with the nature of fashion. Until this season we self-proclaimed sartorially inclined were apt to layer on necklace after necklace, and recently knuckle ring after knuckle ring. But this spring, here in Los Angeles, its decidedly more 'effortless' to actually put in less effort - meaning choosing one or two statement accessories radiates the coveted "California cool" aesthetic. I suggest designers like Lionette NY, Rachel Zoe, Auden, Givenchy and Madewell for this look. A strategically placed lariat necklace or cuff really is more dramatic than an overwhelming amount of friendship bracelets. 

Sportswear is having a moment, and I'm not talking about the soft-casual wear your mother has in her closet. It's taken on a very literal effect. Notice all the perforated materials? It's no coincidence that the current must-haves remind us of the singlets we used to wear in middle school gym class. The silhouettes are athletic and sleek, as seen through designers like Alexnder Wang, Tibi and Elizabeth and James.

The cherry on top: Here in Los Angeles there is always the constant pressure to obtain the perfect bronze as the thermometer continues to rise. Instead of doing it the old fashioned way (ask anyone who has skin the texture of burnished leather) I suggest any sort of self-tanner. Not only does it emit a healthful glow, but it complements any colored outfit, bright or neutral. It's a California essential. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Everything You Need for Spring: New York

As it would seem, this bone-chilling, everlasting winter season has made me realize two things: 1) I absolutely hate that groundhog Punxsutawney Phil and 2) I could not be happier to place my sweaters into seasonal hibernation. With this entombment of everything sartorially cold-oriented comes the birth of vital, warm-weather loving spring regalia. From the slowly thawing streets of Manhattan I have compiled a checklist of my personal must-haves for the much-awaited spring season. 


As anyone who is the least-bit concerned with trend-spotting, its obvious that the prominent trend this season is minimalism. Sure, this isn't anything new. You could say Hedi Slimane ushered in this trend when he retired the Yves moniker and started pushing us fashion slaves into gawking over his streamlined satchels. And yes, this is a trend that is following us from winter and continues through spring (and presumably summer.) But now, with the sun finally reigning queen, black overcoats give way to seamless, silken nude camis. My favorite choices for this trend would be simple patterns (see Equipment blouses,) purposeful adornment with the absence of any and all limb 'parties' and chic, uncomplicated footwear that borders the mundane. 

Neutral Tones

It seems that with each turn of the season, a new color is declared the 'It' palette of the moment IE Orchid. But for those of us in the know, its all about beige, black, grey, white and nude!  These colors are uncomplicated, but their affect is arresting. Their appeal lies in their effortless nature. Right now I'd much rather enjoy lunch at Jacks Wife Freda in a cropped black Alexander Wang tank and a pair of white linen trousers than in a display of hybrid magenta. 

Though I don't know who coined this term, I wish I could pat them on the back for the brilliant moment everyday dressing is having. This encompasses everything paradoxical about fashion, most accurately represented by the almost hallowed esteem the Birkenstock brand has earned. I'm talking foot-bed sandals, thick and ungainly platforms stolen from Sarah Michelle Gellar's closet, and embellishment-free jackets that border on the unflattering. Theres something almost feminine about the way my Birks make my legs seem so small in relation to my foot. Although we like to place a slightly more fashion-forward twist on this trend, so we can at least sartorially differentiate ourselves a tiny bit from that hoodless sweatshirt + dad-jean-wearing father we all know, this is a great starting-off point for a simple, casual dressing this spring.  

Now, these trends are what I've harvested from the mean streets of New York City. They'll be infusing my wardrobe in the coming months. However, they're not the bible on everything spring. Stay tuned to find out what is driving Los Angeles trends from my California counter-part!