Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Going Incognito

There was a sunny day this weekend! I knew this days in advance, due to my constant checking of the weather app, so I already planned on spending it outdoors, soaking up the rays (through layers upon layers of clothing, mind you) and the dirty New York air. We headed to Washington Square park, which was swarming with people, and their happy looking dogs who were probably just excited to be outside free of their sweaters, raincoats, and little snowshoes. I wore my rubber-soled wedges just in case I found myself having to traipse through melting slush, but happily there ended up being little trace of the snowstorm from the day before. 

I was really feeling the theme of leather accents, with the paneling on the sides of the leggings, the sleeves of my coat, and the brim of the hat. If I didn't look enough like a boy already, I layered a flannel over a plain black long sleeve t-shirt for extra warmth and dimension to the outfit.

This (relatively) warm day proved to be a teaser for the hopefully fast approaching sunny days that will have us shedding our wool coats and 5-layer ensembles in favor of short shorts and open-toed shoes.

Hat: Sandro// Sunglasses: H&M// Coat: Zara// Flannel: Vintage// Shirt: J.Crew// Leggings: H&M// Shoes: Cheap Monday

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