Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Patterns on Patterns on Patterns

I came to the conclusion about two things this week: First, while stripes, gingham and checkers are great, they're even better together. Second, I really need a freaking haircut. 

Now, print mixing, in my opinion, is an art. There are those, like Aimee Song and Chiara Ferragni, who pair Kenzo printed shirts with Clover Canyon, and look effortless. In contrast, however, one need only enter the nearest Wal-Mart right before closing to witness the horrifying effects of matching Tweety-Bird fleece pajama bottoms with a camo-print hunting jacket. 

Now you see my dilemma. How do I look like the former and avoid looking like the latter? 

I think the key here is only using subdued prints. Or, in other cases, pairing a dominant, loud print with a subtle pattern that acts as a neutral. Here, I used my tattered red and slate gingham button-down as a base, and paired my striped J.Crew knitted blazer over top. On a side note, it is very difficult to pull off a blazer on the cliffs of Malibu. Having this light-weight knitted yet structured jacket is a dream considering the warm temperatures and casual setting. 

And why stop the layering at just clothing? With an assortment of my fave necklaces at the moment (I have an obsession with arrows), I was comfortable for a weekend at the Malibu Farmers Market with lunch at Tra di Noi. 

All Wal-Mart jokes aside, I'm not the first to admit mixing prints is hard. But naturally I had to add a printed bag to really complicate things. My mothers very old and well-loved Fendi satchel-turned-clutch did the job perfecly. A little Chelsea boot action and I'd say my tame attempt at print mixing paid off. 

Lizzie Furlong - West Coast

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