Tuesday, August 6, 2013

School Spirit Vision

Being at school is the last thing I want to be doing in August, let alone high school (I think we can all vouch for that.) However, when I received the pair of platform loafers in the mail, I had a vision. Bouncing on football field bleachers and pretending to skip class appealed to me in a whole new way. 

First, I'd like to brag about my triumph in the Zara sales. Online a few weeks ago I saw the same pair of said loafers that blog prodigy Chiara Ferragni wore in a few photos. When I got all my funds together to make the purchase, the shoes were gone. I kept my calm and said my nightly prayers that, along with good health, I would find those shoes again. And then, on a chance browse of the sale shoe selection, I found the same loafers I had been panting for weeks before. And 70% off no less!

The pants, by Vince, are a school staple. When I was actually in high school I probably would have rather filled my mouth with acrylic poster paint than wear khakis. But now, looking back on such naiveté with a cultured and open-minded outlook, I scoff at my prejudice. They're softer than jeans, more versatile, and with a clean pressing look a lot more crisp. The top, a breezy number by Helmut Lang, is soft enough and thin enough to be completely bearable in the summer heat. 

I accessorized with a duo of gold cuffs, a Jennifer Zeuner lariat Rayna necklace, and a few more gold chains. My sunglasses, Ray Ban, are perfectly dark enough so that if I was still in grade 12 I could keep them on during Calculus and comfortably snooze. 

By Lizzie Furlong
West Coast

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