Friday, August 16, 2013

Estival Dressing

Estival: (adjective); of or pertaining to summer. Didn't expect a vocabulary lesson today? I say every day is a day to learn more SAT words, even if the test in question is irrelevant. With a newly advancing heat wave here in Southern California, estival dressing is the only way to survive. 

A comfortable and more importantly breathable tshirt is necessary, this particular favorite is from Zara for a thrilling twenty American dollars. Yes, I know, it is black, which is pretty terrible in direct sunlight. But theres something so rebellious about it. Also it masquerades any trace of pit stains, which are really a summer bane. 

The shorts are Rag & Bone in a sticky sweet over saturated salmon. I'm a particular fan of drawstrings, as they ease my inner claustrophobic. 

Jewelry is by Madewell, whom I may add has provided its trend conscious consumer with numerous sets of rings in all styles and sizes. I picked up a few sets over several weekends and have paired them with more miscellaneous rings. My necklace, a birthday gift, is by Jennifer Zeuner. The lariat style was inspired by Aimee Song, my California style spirit animal. 

No estival ensemble is complete without a pair of J.Crew wedges that mimic looking into a noonday sun. My sunglasses are the ever-trusty Prada Cats Eye. 

by Lizzie Furlong - west coast

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