Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's Summer Somewhere

It's summer somewhere -  mainly San Diego. Despite my disappointment, I don't think I'd really be prepared for fall until the Santa Anna Winds roll through. And since the air remains more or less still, I'm happy to wait for autumnal weather. 

A weekend away before school starts up again is essential. It's cooler in San Diego, and my default makes it seem as if Thanksgiving is closer than it really is. 

I'm also happy to announce that I have found, in all possibility, the most comfortable semi-boots ever manufactured. These Zara numbers have plenty of thick white rubber to pacify even the most enduring night on the town. 

My sweet little Phillip Lim x Target bag completes a careless, industrial look. Little did I know when I snatched it from a hiding place within the racks of polyester sweaters how rare a find it was. Nevertheless, its light enough to be comfortable to carry and large enough to fit all of my essentials. 

This ever-lasting transitional period allows my closet the time it needs to turn over to warmer and thicker garments. Instead of tattered jean shorts and t-shirts, I can now happily wear my black leather Helmut Lang shorts without discomfort. Also, the attractively heinous fupa it allows tells me that I'll have plenty of room to stuff myself when the seasons come around

Following this baseball hat trend, this wool cap from JCrew is color blocked and throws a euro-sport-chic vibe on my whole demeanor. Plus, worn with a dark pair of sunnies its very useful for people-watching. I also feel like I'm being pro-active about sun exposure, despite the striped A.L.C. tank I wore. 

In theme with this whole industrial thing, it was only appropriate to shoot on a roof that is directly below the San Diego Airport landing path. 

By Lizzie Furlong
West Coast

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