Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heat Wave

Battling this constant drought here in Southern California has been exhausting. With the Santa Anas sweeping through and record temperatures, all I really want to wear is a bathing suit. But since that is neither appropriate for school nor work, I'm forced to don more acceptable garments. 

My top, a comfortable number by All Saints has a sleek set of satin sleeves, paying homage to this years athletic trend with a play on the baseball tee. My burgundy leather skirt is a staple from A.L.C. Both afford the right amount of dark colors, my paying of respects to the Fall/Winter that never was. 

The shoes are also by All Saints, allowing me the essence of grunge without fully committing. They were also a lovely surprise from a certain someone who knows my taste exceedingly well. 

And finally, the bag, which really needs no introduction at all. The only thing I can say is that they will have to pry this box of lambskin from my dead fingers before I stop using it. 

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